The Signal

by Pink Muscles

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    The full-length debut by Pink Muscles, with 14 weird-as-fuck songs about various demons and octopi impregnating and genociding people on Earth.

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released May 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Pink Muscles Seattle, Washington

Even weirder are Pink Muscles, whose loud rock cocktail splits the difference between Dead Kennedys and Pig Destroyer, only filtered through the melted circuit-board sound that made Botch so affecting. Better yet, singer/guitarist Marshall McLaughlin manages to shoehorn some human emotion into his spastic, room-clearing sound. ... more

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Track Name: Resumption
They've overtaken our city - BURN IT DOWN
Ejaculated in our water supply - BURN IT DOWN
Poisoned the air we breathe - BURN IT DOWN! BURN IT DOWN!

Citizens! Fill your lakes with kegs of gasoline
Light a match, retreat to your shelter
And wait there for The Sign

We will rebuild
We will resume
Track Name: Teenage Rainbows
I walked in to my first day of work
The building was as empty as a Mars Hill Church
I walked to the desk at the end of the hall
Inside, I found a card signed 'Teenage Rainbows'

There was a massive chart to decode what had been decided for me
'Teenage' translated to a drawing of fire
'Rainbows', a drawing of me

A hand made of fire
Broke through the floor
And dragged me down

Teenage Rainbows
Track Name: Infestopus
I think something hatched an egg in my throat
It'll likely choke me to death
I can taste a tentacle
Every time I draw a breath

Something seems to be ascending

I can see a couple thousand of me doing slightly different things
One's doing jumping jacks, one's in drag
But all of them are choking

I think something hatched an egg in my throat
It'll likely complicate things
Track Name: Star Grove
He saw the soft, black stars
Through an amorphous door
It ignited a massive hole through reality and fiction

They spoke to him through the backs of his eyes
And smashed his head open against the sky
Their advice:
"Give up on your life and follow us through the hole in your floor"

His brain crossed over to give birth to new life
It looks like a galaxy in there
Once you succumb to the soft, black stars
The damage is beyond repair

The door appeared to be breathing
His head felt like it was covered with blood
He pushed his palms against the door's exterior
And swore he heard it scream

Heat permeated from the other side
Enveloping existence in a furious glow
He wrapped his fists around the handle
Prepared himself to fucking pull

The door blew open
His room was cast in an alien light

No hesitation
No concern that he was gonna die tonight

He thrust his arm in
He had a millisecond
To process that his arm was gone

He didn't have time to scream
He didn't have time to scream

He thrust his arm in
Before he could smell his flesh burning
He noticed that the rest of him had melted away
The rest of him had melted away
Track Name: The Man at the End of My Street
I was given a bottle of pills by the man at the end of my street
He was clearly morphing into a spider
He only began his treatment early last week
Thin, hairy legs protruding from wounds in his chest and his thighs

I raced home and swallowed every last one
And chased it down with a liter of rum
I regained consciousness the very next day

I awoke to find my proportions alarmingly out of whack
I also grew wings so I flew to the prescription
To see what was written in the back

The bottle of pills that were given to me
Turns a man into a fly

The thunderous scramble of eight hairy legs
Coming to feed on its new natural prey
Track Name: Black Market Tampons
I see a rabid-looking man
Standing in my gravel driveway at home
He's got a smile that makes me feel pregnant
I've never felt so alone

His face is frozen like shitty fish sticks
Kept in the freezer for way too long
He revealed to me that his hands are more like knives
And I feel something tearing my insides

The rabid-looking man who has knives for hands
Got down on knives and knees and slowly slithered toward me
Whatever it is you willed inside my body
Is growing rapidly now
I can feel its claws

My mind drifts to the item
I bought at the market the other day
"Fresh off the vine, Just put it inside
If you feel yout womb's possessed by the man with the knives

I spread my legs and I jammed it inside
The blade opened up and carved out its eyes
A C-section inside out
Scooped up the pieces, sewed up the mouth
Track Name: Battery Acid
Oh my god!
Look outside, the sun is shining bright today!
Bask in the warmth that god provides
From a million miles away
Let's take the kids to the park
All their friends are dying to play
Let's take advantage of the blessings from our lord
And soak up these awesome rays

Is it just me or is the sun expanding?
I've never seen it look so big
What are those things flying out of its core
Like spiders on fire with Pegasus wings

The temperature's increasing drastically
Feels like my skins about to boil
The spiders of the sun are landing now
And marching head-first into the crowd
They're much bigger than they looked in the sky
And oh my god, they scream
And they spit something like battery acid
That dissolved my wife's face

Sores developed all over my arms as my skin began to swell
My eyes started bulging out of my skull
Weirdly, I thought of Total Recall
My eyes exploded finally
As the spiders of the sun devoured me
And all I see is Heaven
Track Name: Party at Murder Beach
I am strapped in to an operating table
On the shores of a diladated beach
I've been drugged, I can feel it everywhere, man
I've got a bad itch that's just out of reach
The fucking ocean looks like it's boiling
The entire planet started to shake
I see a horrible shadow swimming toward me
Please be the drugs, please be the drugs

The ocean looked pregnant right before it exploded
And ejected some monstrous thing
It was a humongous eyeball with misshapen appendages
Sprouting out randomly
It had a nauseating tongue but no mouth
And it licked where it's lips would be
I felt a white, hot pain sizzle under my torso
It wasn't the drugs, wasn't the drugs

Four perfect, red beams shot out of its pupil
And amputated all of my limbs
Its mangled appendages seized my arms and legs
And squeezed the blood into where it didn't have lips
I was bleeding out fast
My consciousness was fading
My life was draining out of me
I saw the sky had turned black
I felt relief I was dying
There were billions of those things coming for me
Track Name: The Egg Lady
I'm being followed by a woman with a mask of my father's face
"I love you, Marshall", she slurred before she licked his lips
She set fire to his hair and started stumbling my way

My legs gave out on me as I tried to run away
A broken bottle pierced my hand
I lunged at her and stabbed the mask
She bled from the sockets of my father's empty eyes
The mask is melting to her skin, I saw it was alive
Beautiful, misshapen eggs rained down from the sky
They were alien in their color, monstrous in their size

I heard each egg break
And from their shells
Emerged a brand new race
All wearing masks of my father's face
Track Name: I Wrote This Song With My Father's Guitar
The insatiable greed beast known as The Ever Man
Destroyed the will to keep everything for herself
Like a caricature of a cartoon villain
Made from the ugliest parts of hell

Your father's name dies with me
No more McLaughlin family tree

Fuck you, Jan

You were born with a horrific heart
You tried to pacify us with a car
You even tried to steal his guitar
But you couldn't get that far

I wrote this song with my father's guitar
Track Name: The Master
The Master has engaged The Signal
His militia will be ripping through the fabric of time
I'd advise you to say goodbye to your loved ones
In a minute, you'll see The Sign

Reality bended in front of my eyes
In colors and shapes I can't describe
The Signal was drowned out by a terrible sound
A universal feedback loop reverberating underground

My final memory here on Earth
Is of the universe giving birth

My final memory was of the universe giving birth
To a swarm of armed octopi
Ready to destroy
Track Name: Officers of the Universe
We're celebrating a momentous moment in history
A crippling disease, decimating humanity
We are the officers of the universe

You're an embarrassment
A failed experiment

The only way to maintain peace in the world
Is to remove you, to make amends
For our horrible mistake

You did this to yourselves
Track Name: Heaven is For Real
I'm stuck in another dimension called Heaven
And I can hardly breathe
The atmosphere is disgusting in here
Like it was made from rotten beef
It smells like a hairy graveyard
The floors are constructed from human meat
There is no god, only the corpses of rotting priests

I'm being hunted
By something the human eye can't perceive
Feels like I'm walking through a thinny
And my muscles are atrophied

This space in Heaven is impossible to see
I can hear it breathing
Fucking thing is closing in on me
Track Name: Mouth House
I found myself swimming through some monstrous flesh
In a cavern dimly lit
The stench in here would successfully gag
A giant or an infant
The walls are covered with eyeballs and eggs
And rancid meat rains from the mouth of this thing
Maybe I can inflict some damage in here
Maybe I'll find a way to carve myself out

A being made of different digested meats
Attacked me from behind
I ripped through its flesh with my teeth fiercely bared
And ate it down to the bone
I retrieved a large, sharp specimen from the heap
And sharpened it against the cavern's ugly teeth